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At 804 Restore, we are more than pressure washing experts. Our focus is surface restoration, and that includes in interior and exterior painting, specialty coatings, wallpaper removal, and drywall repair. We know surfaces – and the best way to have them look great, hold up to the tests of time, and how they need to be maintained.

Our approach involves first cleaning any surface to remove dirt, grime, grease and oil, or any other material that will inhibit good paint adhesion. We then check every square inch of the home or building for loose or failing paint using carbide razor scrapers. This ensures that your paint will be applied to a solid surface versus loose chips.

After the prep is complete we coat all raw surfaces with oil-based primer to ensure that the surface is ready for a long term coating. All loose and failing caulk will be removed and replaced with a fresh coat of lifetime-warranty caulk to be used to seal all the air gaps. We apply up to two coats of paint and work the paint into the surfaces.

As with all of our projects, we go to extreme measures to protect your home or business from unnecessary damage. We do our best to contain paint chips, protect your landscaping and plants from any damage. We cover unpainted surfaces where we run the risk of wind-blown paint drips. Our crews will keep the area around your home or business clean and organized, so our time is as efficient as possible. We genuinely love what we do and our teams take pride in their work!

When you hire 804 Restore for your Richmond and Central Virginia residential or commercial painting needs, you can be sure you will receive top-quality work.

Contact 804 Restore today for a free estimate! We can be reached at 804-536-1115.