Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration & Paver Sealing

Concrete Restoration and Sealing

Is your paver patio, driveway or aggregate concrete cracked or dirty? Does it look worn and shabby, rather than new and inviting? It doesn’t have to be that way.

804 Restore has a well-earned reputation for restoring the look of pavers, stone, concrete and similar surfaces. If not maintained, seasonal freezing and thawing can extend and amplify small cracks. To prevent this, we pressure wash the surface to remove all dirt and oil, any cracks are filled and sealed to protect the surface from the elements to ensure your investment.

We can also apply sealer to various surfaces to enhance the look and extend the life of your walkways, patios, porches and pool decks.  If you have dirty pavers or walkways, give 804 Restore a call for cleaning and sealing, and get the quality look you enjoyed when the surface was first installed!  Call us today at 804-536-1115 or contact us online, for a free estimate.